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Is it worth it to take out college loans?

Right now I'm attending a SUNY school that I never wanted to go to. I've wanted to go to JMU (James Madison University) since I was a freshman in high school but my parents were always against it because it was too far away and too much money for an out of state student. But, JMU has a great music industry program (which is what I want to major in), unlike the school I'm currently at. Just everything about JMU feels right to me (besides the cost of course). So basically what I'm wondering is, is it worth it to go to the school I've dreamed of attending the past 4 years, a school that has a great program for my major, is in an area I love (I plan on moving to VA after college anyway), has an amazing marching band (I'm a "band geek" and miss marching band so much), and has tons of school spirit which is something I really want in a school (my school has essentially no school pride...we don't even have a fight song), even if it means that I'd be in debt and have to take out some loans. I think I'd probably have to take out $15-20,000 in loans. Is it dumb to be in debt, even if it means going to a school that's absolutely perfect for all of my wants and needs, or should I just stay at a school I hate that has a bad music industry program because it means I won't have to take out any loans. Thanks for the help.

2013-09-15 20:12:41

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