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i'm starting to feel hurt?

I made friends with him 4 months ago met online,skype alot,talk on the phone and talk everyday. We recently became more close as friends,he lives 200 miles away from me which is a shame. He said to me i'm the best friend he's ever met online and i'm a good friend etc. We are hoping to meet one day and hoping we could eventually be more than friends and said he wants to be with me forever. He was planning to get a drivers license and move over here in a few years. But today he told me he might be meeting 2 girls from online and he was saying what would you do if i ended u with a girlfriend and asked me if i perfer to be with someone who lives closer. Just my friend means so much to me so special never had a friend like him and i really like him. Just everything he said to me that gave me hope and what he said to me is really hurting me. He said he would be with me but i be very heart broken if he went off with someone else and got married etc. What should i do?

2013-09-15 20:10:40

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