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Ear infection or something worse?

Today is now Sunday but on Wednesday my left ear had started to hurt.. not even within 3 days it got so bad.. It hurts from my temple to halfway down my throat and my jaw is hurting me as well.. My jaw is now jutted forward and to the right which it has never done before and it has made it very hard for me to eat.. My right ear has now started the same thing so now both sides of my jaw hurt. I cannot get to sleep without taking a lot of pain medication and putting a hot pack on my ear.. It has literally made me cry several times [and I just had a baby recently and didn't even cry through that.. ._.] The infection is behind my ear drum on both sides by the way and has made it very hard for me to hear.. Both ears are extremely swollen also.. If you know whats wrong, is there any home remedies or would I have to goto a doctor/hospital to get a prescription? How long would it take the pain to go away with either? I just want this to go away...

2013-09-15 20:17:11

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