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Old cat hissing at new kitten?

My sister got a kitten and i dont want it to be alone in her apartment for her first month so i thought i could bring my cat from home here and stay here when everything seems fine. Well Opal the older cat, hisses and growls when the kitten Marci comes near and tries to play wiht her tail and body. They were fine for the car ride and the first hour but now it is the third day and my older cat completely does not pay any attention to her. She will growl if the kitten comes to her and Marci backs foff. Marci is only 9 weeks and Opal is 3 years. Questions that need to be answsered for best answer to be chosen Will my older cat get over this in time? should i just leave the kitten with her and when she growls let the older cat take care of the kitten or take the kitten aawy? I need help on things i should do why she starts growling and hissing, How to stop the kitten from playfully attacking my older cat and also to stoop her from digging for a nipple on my cat. I would love alist of actions i can do to make them get along together. I have 2 more days here until i go back home will that be enough time for them to get used to each other and not have a dead kitten on my hands? If it doesnt work out Opal will come backhome with me, and marci will be left home alone which i do not like that x) i want her to turn out just as friendly as opal

2013-09-15 20:19:29

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