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Lethargic Cat Pus in Eyes?

We thought our 3 month old puppy had nicked the left eye of our 1.5 year old cat. I did hot compresses on eye, it had initially had lump underneath. He seemed much better after 3 days. We than moved to our new home, now he is very lethargic, has both eyes with pus and doesn't like to be picked up or moved, he cries. He does eat, drink and use litter box, but he seems extremely warm and doesn't play or move around a lot. I had some leftover antibiotic from when he was 6 months old and had an infection, he was tested for feline leukemia etc and cleared of all that, so we are concerned is it vet time. I usually don't think too serious if eating/drinking/urinating, but he is not himself and I want my bluegill back.....Help

2013-09-25 15:19:58

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