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Please read my poem about loving a married man?

It's written more as a song. Please give feedback and don't be afraid to be brutally honest! Thanks! the alarms start sounding in my head When you start looking at me like that I know I have to go Before I start something I'll regret You have your life together And there's this sinking feeling I get That I'll be drifting forever And it makes me wonder It makes me wonder Could you save me? it's just a fleeting feeling It's just a fleeting feeling I tell myself because I know you go home to your yellow house With the white fence And all the pretty flowers And every night a lady lays her head on your chest In your yellow house It all belongs to her You close your door so no one else can walk in While I'm still looking at everyone I see Hoping they'll distract me But all these foreign faces just feel strange Can't stir up nothing inside me So I turn out the lights Just so I can close my eyes And pretend its you holding onto me

2013-09-25 15:29:55

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