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How to Use any Sim in any Modem without Unlocking it?

How to Use any Sim in any Modem without Unlocking it I am giving an Easy way to use any sim in y our USB 3G Dongle without Unlocking it, please read carefully , i am taking the Airtel modem as an Ex ample here. Things we need for this 1 ) Nokia PC Suite Let us get started with the article, and follow the below steps neatly Place your Sim in the Airtel 3G Modem, Even if it is not unlocked Plug the Modem to the Computer An Invalid Sim Message will appears in the computer, Ignore it and close the Modem Software. Then go to the Nokia PC Suite Click on the File and Connect to the Internet Now Click on the Settings icon and start your Configuration Select the Modem from the List that is given and Enter the Operator APN ( Access Point ) If you use any other network than airtel, simply put that respective network access point Finish the Setup. Connect the internet through the Nokia PC Suite. GPRS SETTINGS OF ALL OPERATORS. Reliance APN: rcomnet Access Number: *99# Aircel APN: aircelgprs Access Number: *99***1# Idea APN: internet Access Number: *99# Docomo APN: TATA.DOCOMO.INTERNET Access Number: *99# Airtel APN: Access Number: *99# BSNL 3G APN: bsnlnet Access Number: *99# BSNL 2G APN: bsnlnet Access Number: *99# MTNL 3G Postpaid: APN: mtnl3g Prepaid APN: pps3g Access Number: *99# Vodafone APN: Vodafone www Access Number: *99#

2013-09-25 15:36:38

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