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Advice on creating an inner circle?

Though it may sound a bit childish or just plain stupid, I've been thinking of possibly creating a group somewhat similar to maybe a fraternity or something like Skull and Bones, maybe even the Freemasons; a group of people with common interests, and the general well being of the group in mind. I've been thinking lately this is a good idea, due to the lack of acceptance of differences in the current school I attend. I'm considered "popular", and I highly dislike that label, because it leaves no room for variety in my friend group. So this idea was hatched. To start a group (at first small) of intellectuals with common goals and a sense of brotherhood. A few of my friends are also interested in the idea, and I think that it could ultimately benefit us as well as any members we add to our roster. Creating lasting friendships and trust, while being uplifted by the rest of the group's desire to succeed. This is where the questions lie: Does this seem to be a good idea? If so, how do I go about starting a group like this? (I would imagine a name is a good start.) What should be some possible requirements to join? (Remember we're all about acceptance) Anyway, I know this all very weird to ask. Haha. But I think it could turn out really cool. Thanks in advance for any answers.

2013-09-25 15:40:54

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