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Info about Commercial Diving?

I am about to exit the US Army after over 6 years Active Service as a Communications Soldier. I enjoy technical diving with my rebreather and have been seriously thinking about starting a new exploration into commercial diving. I truly love being underwater and the longer the better! That's why I went the rebreather route instead of having to sling several tanks to accomplish the same thing. I have experience with all types of communications equipment from satellites to computers to microwave systems to copper to fiber and everything in between. I also hold a fiber optics installer certification. One of our civilian technicians was telling me about commercial divers who work on the underwater lines and that sounds like a total blast to me. I am currently considering CDA for my education and certifications. I have saved extra money for when I get out and want to get every certification they offer so I am very flexible in what duties I can perform. What should I expect from graduation of their course to end of career for jobs, pay, best locations, etc, which I understand for a young guy like me is usually about 6-8 years? I have already been advised not to think about trying to make it a career but there's no reason why I can't enjoy my single years while I still have them! I love to travel and will get my own house in the US for when I am not travelling. Danger has never bothered me but I always am very careful when it comes to safety precautions and do not consider myself reckless at all. If you have the training for it then go for it!!

2013-09-25 15:45:49

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