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something to eff up my life?

ok, so i do origami, i play several musical instruments, i write poetry, i'm a 'partial' gamer, i read manga and novels..and i'm kinda bored with my life right now, i repeat RIGHT NOW, not always, just now.. so i was wondering, could you suggest any exciting things to do? skating, biking, or any extreme sport is off the list cuz there's no such thing close to a ramp where i live, so it'd be like, just plain countryside biking...and also, things that require money are also not considerable, i'm like, 14 and my parents teach me the importance of money by having to use my own money for things that i want.. well, i'd be perfectly fine if i had a girlfriend but...well, the girl i'd siphon all the salt in the seas for is..........not attainable... soooooooooo.... now, once again... what things could i do to eff up my world?

2013-09-25 15:45:12

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