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There's no more hope.. I hate my life?

I am 21 (female) stuck in house with a toxic family, including 5 older toxic siblings that comes over everyday. I have no way out, because no one will help get to anything better because they are jealous and think that if I get a life then I won't be beneficial to them no more. I am an adult, and they do not owe me anything. However, I do any and everything for them or else they are going to be extremely verbally abusive and run guilt trips. My whole life I had to hear I will never be anything and that I was nothing compared to them (siblings). My siblings are so manipulative and hateful, and they act out as a team and hate for anyone to out do them. I have no friends at all... My parents been away for about 2 weeks now in Hawaii, they are vacating and trying to start a business there. However, they don't really have any money to help out. I am not mad that they do not give me anything. I am just so hurt and depressed that I have no way to get a job because I have no car (broke down) and there are no busses in my area, and every job I apply for, I can never make to the interview. No one cares because they love the fact that I am home so I can be their servant. My plan is to move out of state to attend college, and start a new life. That's been my plan for years, but I never got the opportunity. I tried telling them about me wanting more out of life and how I feel about the way they treat me, I got cursed out and told that I am a liar. Everything I try fails. I just had a job interview and my sister said no that she cannot take me, after begging and babysitting my nephews for a whole weekend while she went to Cali with her boyfriend. I want a life, and I want love... I think about that stuff everyday (not desperate). My family blames for wanting it. I'm stuck and have no way out.

2013-10-09 02:47:39

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