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John lennon conspiracy?

I am against the illuminati but I have an open mind which can be bad sometimes like this After hearing this song "beautiful boy" all my life ...I am just now hearing something differently It is rumored that john lennon sold his soul to get famous I DONT WANT TO BELIEVE IT !!! But in the song he said Close your eyes have no fear the monsters gone he's on the run and your daddy is here What if "THE MONSTER" is the devil or the demon he sold his soul to? What if he was trying to break free from the illuminati ? Think about it..... He wrote that song in 1980 ....he died 6 months later.... They say that the government was involved with the death and we all know that the government is the illuminati so yeah Whatever it is its a shame he didn't get to see Sean come of age 💔💔💔💔💔😞😭😭😭 But what do u think ?

2013-10-09 02:45:37

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