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Is this a proper explanantion of split brain?

So I'm having a smidgeon of difficulty really understand how a split brain patient functions. I grasp things best in short, sweet little blurbs so tell me if I'm wrong here to say this: The left hemisphere of a split brain patient is able to to read a statement/word (i.e. "shark" or "1+1=2") and say "That say's 'shark" (or '1+1=2')" However, they can see a picture of a shark but are unable to say "shark"?? Would that be because images go to the right brain, but since the right brain becomes "language inhibited" they can't translate that thought and speak it? Then, for the right brain: A split brain patient can see an image on the right field of view. For example, there is a picture of a shark and they can see it's a shark, and then that thought goes over to the left brain and they can say "it's a shark". Am I wrong, am I right?

2013-10-09 02:53:10

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