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Went to horror nights with a girl does she like me?

I've been texting this girl maybe ever day (only for 3 or 4 hours) and a few days ago we went to Halloween horror nights and on the very first maze we went on she was waking right next to me clinging onto my arm cause she was scared. (I guess) After a minute or so I felt her hand slowly climb down my arm and she interlocked fingers with my and I was sort of caught off guard. we held hands through all the mazes and maybe for like a minute after we exited the mazes and after a while I got more confident randomly it would wrap my arm around her and she would wrap her arm around me. I did this a couple of times and she did it back every time. When we would ride the tram she would usually sit next to me. Every now and then I would hug her too and she wouldn't reject it. On the last made she was with her friend and I was with mine and she came back to hold my hand. after all this she left and I hugged her for a long time and she didn't pull away. There's a lot of other details too. thanks

2013-10-09 02:50:18

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