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I think my friend is going through drug induced psychosis?

So one of my friends started HEAVILY using drugs about a year or so ago... like basically EVERY type of psychedelic. He also does a lot of spice and ecstasy and I'm pretty sure he's tried crack because I found a crack pipe in his room. Recently, maybe for like 2 or 3 weeks, he's been having REALLY strange, scary behavior. Like, he talks about all this spiritual stuff and he says he thinks he's some sort of "celestial being" and that everybody around him is not real and it's all in his mind. He'll start crying or screaming out of nowhere and talking to inanimate objects and he DOESN'T SLEEP. One of the things that really scares me is that out of no where he'll just stare at me and tell me he sees my soul. Honestly, it feels like he's been possessed by something. He's not himself at all. His behavior has gotten so out of control, that I've had to tell his parents and they had to call the cops on him. He's currently in a psych ward. I'm pretty sure it's caused by the drug use but it really seems like he's been possessed. idk...thoughts??? Will he go back to normal? I'm just really worried about him.

2013-10-09 02:49:21

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