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Will this break her heart?

So i'm a 23 year old guy, and I met this girl my age earlier this year. We met through a mutual friend on facebook. Despite living in different parts of America, we have shown to be loyal and kept in touch every so often. Last month I let her know that I am flying out to her city for a 3 month school. She seemed equally interested in hanging out. We both have had a rough life of living in the same city our whole lives. We really want to move somewhere new! Last week was when I arrived, and to my surprise, I ended up not liking the school. After 2 days I told her that "I don't know if i'll stay. I'm just feeling the place out a bit." Last week she had a lot going on, so she said next (this) week would be better. Today I texted her and she told me that she can hang, and will let me know when. I do feel kinda bad, because I come out here for school; I'm 5 minutes away from her, and now I'm leaving. I told her that if things go well when we hangout, that we can keep in touch. If things go well when we hang, I will let her know that I can visit her again.. I feel bad that I just got here and now am leaving her. We are just friends and have never met in person, yet we both realize we have rare qualities in common that we don't share with anyone... Is it still good that I hang with her once for lunch before I go back home?

2013-10-09 02:55:57

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