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Can anyone help me improve my facial figure?

ok i really want to improve on my face. 1. i want to get rid of my dark skin.(i used to have lighter skin but i went to camp for a week disnt put on sun block then my akin got darker) 2. i want to get rid of my black lips(NO I DONT SMOKE it just i dont know how i got but plz help with it) 3.i want to rid of theses white things on my nose(when i squeeze my nose this white spagettehi stuff comes out. what is it) 4.i want my eyes to stop being puffy(ok a few months ago i had a stye on the top of my left eye lid and on the bottom of my right. they r gone but my eyes are still a little bit puffy and u can notice i know i got a lot of problems. but if u can help me that would be great.

2013-10-09 02:50:45

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