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tooth implant questions?

So I'm having a tooth implant (just one), and 4 wisdom teeth removed. The wisdom teeth are going to be cut out as they haven't appeared to surface yet. I was wondering how long will I experience pain for? Like I know it is supposed to take a few months to recover, but for how many days will I feel pain. I'm going to be fully sedated. I'm having the surgery on Friday the 11th of this month. The reason why I really want to know, is because I have the PSAT and homecoming on the 18th. I was told that there is a chance of bruising and swelling, and I was wondering that if I do have bruising and or swelling will it be healed by the 18th? And since I am going to be full put under, will it still be really painful? I just really want to know, because i already bought my dress for homecoming, and the PSAT is very important to me, so i want to know if it will be necessary to reschedule. Any information you can give me is appreciated! *the reason why I added so information, is just to better help you answer my questions, so sorry it's so long. Ps.

2013-10-09 02:59:39

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