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How to convince my parents to let me start playing soccer again?

i started playing soccer when i was 4 years old and i absolutely love it. i played until i was 12 but then my parents made me stop. They said that it was hectic driving me around but i know thats not the real reason. in my religion girls cant wear shorts but in the last season i played i wore leggings underneath my shorts. I really want to start playing again. also in my last two seasons my coach requested that i play on his team because i was his "MVP goalie". my coach begged my dad for me to play and they n]made a deal i could play for one more season. throughout the time i played soccer i played AYSO. my school is a new school so they dont have any teams yet to play on. i dont know how to convince my parents. they think when i run my clothes will be revealing but i can wear a shirt underneath or leggings.... oh and also im a freshman in highschool (14 years old) but im also scared that im not that good anymore... any suggestions on how to get back in shape??? or how to convince my parents to let me restart? theres also this college mentorship program joined where u have to play a sport but one of teachers is planning to create a soccer game on the weekends for the people who dont want to play in leagues and who just need to fill in the required hours for it. but im scared my parents might hear about that and make me join that. i want to play soccer for a long time. its something i love and i will never be able to let go of. grades arent an issue i mostly get staright As and sometimes one B. help??? any suggestions on how to get back in shape??? or how to convince my parents to let me restart?

2013-10-09 02:56:10

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