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What is a "complete verb"?

hi all so I've got this grammar online test from my school and it gives me 3 tries with different questions each time, I got every answer but there is one type of question which is not multiple choice and requires the EXACT wording to be correct in submission, here's a couple examples of the question: Write the complete verb of the action that occurred first. Johann had lived in Toronto before he moved to Hamilton. _________________ <write your answer here My answer: lived --because he "lived" in Toronto before he "moved" to Hamilton THIS ANSWER WAS INCORRECT :( Write the complete verb of the action that occurred first. By the time we arrive in Saskatoon, we will have travelled over 800 kilometers. My answer: travelled -because they "traveled" before they "arrive" THIS WAS ALSO INCORRECT now when I re-do the test im bound to get more like these, perhaps a greater number of them infact. I emailed my professor and her reply was that "I need to write the "complete verb" and that perhaps I am missing a word" this was also the help that she stated she should not be giving me any help is much appreciated :) best regards Danny Z have a happy Thanksgiving

2013-10-09 02:53:30

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