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asking out and kissing my friend that likes me back?

so ive been friends with this girl for a long time but weve liked each a little bit before august of this year up till now and she finally told me she had feelings for me and i told her too and we hung out at the park all day before she told me she liked me, she told me she loved me and i told her i loved her back as well and so its a done deal that we're going to go out... but this is the problem. ive never had a girlfriend before so ive never had a first kiss or asked out a girl, we're both 15 and sophmores in high school. she goes to a different school. but anyway, the problem is that i have no experience asking out girls and going for a kiss and its hard to show affection. like i tried hugging her but everytime we'd talk, shed be on the other side of the bench and i didnt want to seem weird and go on the otherside just to lay my head on her shoulder or hug her but now that she told me she loves me then now i feel more confident of asking her out because she loves me no matter what. but i need help planning how i will work it out. she told me how she felt over facebook chat and i told her i needed to ask her 1 more question but i dont think it was appropriate to ask it online so i told her id see her wednesday and ask her there. the question is obviously "will you be my girlfriend? <3" but i just need some confidence tips. ive never gone out with a girl that I actually liked FIRST. girls have liked me in the past a lot but i dont like them back and for the first time, a girl I like ACTUALLY likes me back.. and a lot. so on wednesday id talk to her about stuff like usual and then walk to the park and tell her "so i was pretty clear with you on how i felt and i really like you...." and then i was gonna compliment her like "i love your smile and the way you make me smile and i just feel so lucky to have someone like you in my life" and stuff and then id ask her "will you be my girlfriend?" ... she def likes me back a lot so i THINK itll work out... hopefully. then i have never kissed a girl so i was gonna give her a hug right after asking her out and then let go slowly and kind of like put my hands on her arms or hips and go in for the kiss. thats the part im most afraid of that ill screw up, plus i have braces so its kind of hard i guess.. not really. but yeah, idk what you guys would think of this. i dont know if i should get her anything for that day. we're basically already going out but its not official till i ask her. she told me she had a rule about not being able to kiss guys who have never kissed anyone so she said that I HAVE TO DO IT. i have to start the kiss. but im just scared but now that i know she likes i feel a bit more confident but i still need tips and see if this is a good plan. when i told her "you cant kiss me because of your rule? fine i guess ill have to do it" she replied "FINALLY! <3" so that made me feel way better about stuff. last night our conversation was : ugh sorry my parents were lecturing me on the satanic internet -.- anywho, i hope i'll c u wednesday Bahahahaha xD And yeah hopefully i gtg thoe :c ily Me too, well i got to sleep for school tomorrow i love you too <333 goodnight <3 goodnight sweet dreams <3 ------------------------------------- so anyway, i need to know if this is a good plan and if you think itll honestly work out and i need tips. and i need to know if i should give her anything. thanks.

2013-10-09 02:56:19

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