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Feeling down on life?

Since I've turned 19 and realized I'm going to be on my own soon, I've been trying to get my life together but things haven't been going great. Lately everytime I turn on the tv, radio and get on the computer all I hear is how bad the economy is, people losing their jobs, etc. I'm getting really concerned for my future and if I'll be able to make it on my own. I'm also worried that some big event will happen and change the way I live. I'm also trying to come to terms with my fear of dying but when I think I got a handle on it, it comes back. I can't focus on and enjoy life when my fears and concerns are always on my mind. I'm not enjoying life and its really making me depressed. Everyday slowly but surely I find myself giving up on life. I haven't been happy in long time. I'm scared for my future and where I'll be especially in this economy. I look at other people and wonder why aren't they feeling like me. Everyone else is enjoying their lives and I wonder what is wrong with me. Why am I feeling this way?

2012-10-19 19:34:16

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