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how can i make my upper body bigger/more muscular?

ok well I had the Ravitch procedure for Pectus Carinatum (Pigeon chest) just over a year ago which probably hasn't helped my upper body development but basically i have pretty thick set legs and a wide pelvis but my torso is narrower and I have quite a narrow ribcage (I think I probably have the flared ribs thing that sometimes accompanies the chest deformity) but fairly wide shoulders so it looks kinda weird. its like my torso is too small and narrow for my shoulders / hips. so basically i want to know what exercises I can do to thicken my waist and also make my chest bigger. also some arm exercises aswell. I can't afford to join a gym so I want stuff that I can do at home. thanks. I'm 5'11'' and weight 152lbs. I was 123lbs after my operation so i have made progress but my upper body still looks scrawny and weak.

2012-10-19 19:25:40

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