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How can you whiten your skin after it has been exposed to sunlight?

My undertones are white, almost porcelain white. After I'd waxed my legs (which I'd never exposed except for a few times), I discovered they were VERY white. All the areas that I've never revealed to sunlight are like snow white, but my legs were especially white. My sister says it's because waxing really cleans the skin, and does even a better job than exfoliation. Now, my forearms and face are a bit tanned. Not too tanned, though. To be honest, I don't really like tanned skin. I love pearly skin, like Asians. Anyway, my dislike to tanned skin is why I really want to find a solution to whitening my arms. Right now, it's the disgusting white, not the pretty white. If I wax them, will they lighten up? It's very annoying how part of your body is colored different from another. What can I do to lighten them up? Will I have a better chance if my undertones are white? And if there really is no solution, how can I make my skin color even? Please answer every part! Thank youu. :]

2012-10-19 19:38:31

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