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What should I do about her?

We fell in love, but we couldn't be in a relationship because she needed time to heal from her last one. I knew that it would take her a lot of time to recover since she was in a three year relationship. Unfortunately, I found out that on her private Instagram account she was still posting pictures of her and her ex, so that told me that she wasn't going to move on anytime soon. Well eventually she got back with her cheating ex and we now hardly talk, but we are still good friends, we talk every now and then. I can't stop thinking about her though, mainly because she was the first girl I fell in love with, the first girl I kissed, and the first girl to love me. I sometimes hope they break up, but obviously she loves him too much. I've been there for her since her break up, and I still am even though she's back with him and she knows. I always tell her that if she needs anything to contact me whenever, and that I'm here for her. What do you think about this?

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