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Is he blowing me off?

Recently I decided to cut ties with anyone who took me for granted. It ended up being most of my 'close friends' but I'm actually happier now. One guy I'm still friends with I've known for about two years. We've were never really close, but we get along great and in the last few months he's been letting on that he likes me. He moved to another town, and on Thursday calles to say he would be visiting and wanted to hang out. He said he'd get here Sun night, and asked if he could see me Mon (today). I said yes and he said he would call me over the wekend when he came up with something to do. Yesterday I texted him and he still hasn't answered me. Last months he came to visit for a week and said he wanted to hang out, but didn't call me until the last day to say a family friend died and he was at the memorial (not funeral). I'm sorry about his loss, but what about the rest of the week? I still haven't heard from him. Should I give him a second chance or forget about him too?

2013-10-15 05:58:14

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