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Musical audition songs for veeeery low alto?

I'm fifteen, and I'm auditioning for a musical this year at my high school. I'm not in any of the schools choirs, although I auditioned and got into the 2nd highest out of 4 (schedule was too full and couldn't fit it in) I am a low alto. A veeeeery low alto. My range is pathetic, (like an octave and a couple notes -_-), but what I can hit is decently strong. NO BALLADS PLEASE. Like, I don't mind if they're slow, but nothing that needs a lot of vibrato and held out high notes. Every alto ballad I know is really for sopranos -_- Personally, I'm looking for a musical piece that's got a little more soul in it. Like the Sour Kangaroo from Seussical the Musical or Mayzie La Bird (she's not soul, but yeah). Help anyone? Oh yeah. I also need a one minute monologue. Preferably funny. Recommendations? :D

2013-10-15 05:59:30

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