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Why can't I get over this?

I am 16 now but when I was about 5 or 6 my mom found a munchkin kitten at a pound. We'll my dad hates cats and she stayed in a crate in the day time and I slept with her at night. We'll my mom puts her outside in the creat for a little while and when she comes outside my dads dog had her blanket on the pavement and she was laying still. My mom picked her up and cleaned her up inside and she opened up her eyes an that was it. This kitten never scratched me let me hold how like a baby and let me love her. I had been going through a lot and she made me happy. I can't get over her and every time I think about it I cry. My mom Barried her and I went to see her and sat and talked to were she was buried an one day I went out their and the coyotes had dug her up and I started screaming. I don't know why I am still upset about it but I love animals and I am still so sad like it had just happened.

2013-10-15 06:06:59

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