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EBT welfare zombies attack walmart?

So I don't know if you've heard, but down in Louisiana, a walmart was - literally - cleaned out when the welfare debit cards started reading no limit to spending. Now I ask you, if your sitting at home, how do you suddenly get wind that your card is reading no limit? So what you think these zombies did? These zombies literally just marched in droves into walmart like zombies and just attacked everything and cleaned the store out. They had there baskets just overflowing with goods. It was like walking dead these zombies just slept walked there way right into walmart and took everything. They knew full well they had no credit on there cards but this just shows how dishonest these people are. It proves a point. No law abiding hard working citizen would have done this. And walmart did not even press charges. They said it was worse than black Friday that black Friday is nothing like this. This is who these people are. They are a bunch of zombies. I wish I was there to film it it must have been like return of the dead.

2013-10-15 06:09:58

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