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how to deal with memory loss in a relationship?

So I find myself getting mad all the time since I had a stroke in October. My fiance has stuck by me through thick and thin. When I had my stroke I lost almost all my memory so I didn't know who my kids were or even who he was. I pretty much lost about 8 years of my life. I find myself being so much more angry all the time. When I had my stroke I was pregnant with twins as well and they ended up being stillborn. I didn't remember anything that happened past 2005. Well my family and friends have tried to fill me in on my life ,but I don't know they say I was never an angry person that I was always super easy going. I feel like no one understands where I am coming from. I find myself just getting mad at my fiance and wanting to just up and leave him all the time even though I never ever take that step. Maybe I feel like I am just cheated on life. Ive had to make new memories with my fiance. We do have kids together and they adore him. I am semi happy in my relationship. Before the stroke everyone said we were completely fine and barley had problems. Now I find myself fighting a lot more almost every day. I wish I knew what to do to finally be happy again. I don't want to mess up my relationship but i just feel so lost and different like its so hard to remember who I even am anymore. I just want to be normal again.

2013-10-15 06:02:36

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