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HIring/Working with writers?

I just had a question about hiring and working with writers. Basically, I just wanted to see if something like this was even possible. Let's say you've hired a group of writers and you want them to create an idea about a new television series or movie. All you have are different concepts (pieces of imagery) that you would like to see involved but you have no ideas for a story. So, you leave the rest up to them as long as they use those specific pieces of imagery you've given them. Is this possible? Let me try to give a direct example: You hire a team of 3-5 writers for a new TV series you're producing. They ask you about characters and theme (the point of it all) and you tell them that that is their choice. However, you tell them that you would like to see the image of a young girl fighting a dragon used at least once throughout the series and expect them to write their way around it. I hope that makes sense. Anyways, I would love some feedback on how that would work for someone who isn't a skilled writer but has tons of ideas to share with other more seasoned writers. Thanks, -J

2013-10-15 06:09:19

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