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How do you know if a boy likes you?

I really liked this guy, so I figured I had nothing to lose by telling him the truth. Here's what happened:  "I like you, and think you're cute. What do you think of me?" I whispered. "You're awesome," he said. "Do you like me?" I asked. "Yeah, I like you." But then I was confused because my friend told me that he might've only meant he liked me as a friend. So I asked again did he like-like me and he said, "I don't know". And only a few minutes after, I caught him rolling his eyes at me. The next day, I ignored him and he kept staring at me always wanted to be near me. Plus, I heard one of his guy friends say, "She's probably just playing hard to get". I decided to stop ignoring him, so I started texting him. The only reason I ever ignored him was because his answer confused me. I sent him a nice text saying, "Sorry by making things awkward between us by saying I liked you.." and he didn't reply, even though he read it.... I saw him a month ago for the first time in two months, and I ask, "Do you like did say that you did..." and he said, "Oh really? I don't remember that, I only like you as a friend! We only see each other once a week!" And now, he acts really awkward around me. I'll tell a really funny joke, and everyone will laugh, except him. Plus, he's always around me.... So strange.  To let you know, we're 14. And he's never had gf. He's the outgoing/joker type. Now, he keeps a distance from me. He only says like four words to me, but every time I entered a room he looks at me. It seemed like he was pretending like I didn't exist. I just don't understand why he denied admitting to liking me back :( Today he was actually nice, like really nice.

2013-10-15 06:17:30

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