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Do you think this shy guy likes me by what his friends did and what he did?

Well so last Friday me and my friends and his friends were kinda hanging out at snack and I have never seen him do this before he started moving his legs a lot like he was nervous that I was standing behind him. Also that same day at lunch I was going across the street and my friend saw him and she yelled out hey where r u going to me and he looked at her and he immediately turned to me and started looking at me. And so then after that I went to the same restaurant that he did and one of his friends went in front of us and his other friend did to and the first friend was like hey you just can't cut them and the other guy was like oh it's ok me and her are cool ( I have never talked to his friend before and he knows my name) and the first friend was moving his eyes toward the guy showing him that I was there and then I felt him staring at me when I was getting my drink. Do you think he likes me?

2013-10-15 06:24:54

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