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someone answer plz need advise?

im 19 my frist boyfriend and i had an on and off relationship. after the last time we broke up he tried to ask me out again, my friends helped me keep a strong head even tho i definitely still wanted and so we didnt, i then went to this thing at my friends house i was one of like 3 girls there and he showed up, he was a big baby for like an hour and then got over it, we talked and joked around after that for hours, i wanted so badly for him to make a move but he didnt we slept next to each other and i kept hoping he would say something, he never did and i got a new boyfriend a couple weeks later, the first bf and i have talked many times since then we said we would be friends and we talked a lot, and 2 years later he started flirting a lot i admit i probably responded. i have been with the same guy since then, but i still love my first bf and i dont know how to get over him, we havent talked in a while and now i feel deseperate for him to talk to me, i feel bad fro it but i just miss him like crazy... will i ever stop loveing him. am i hurting my relationship.

2013-10-19 09:28:29

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