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Do California Poppies contain any opiates?

Hi, I found these California Poppy capsules for sale on Amazon for $8. I'm looking for a natural sleep aid that's not Melatonin or an antihistamine. The capsules are gelatin free which makes them even more natural. They have good reviews too with customers saying they worked. I was wondering, Do California Poppies contain any opiates in them such as Codeine or Morphine? I'm not looking to get high but how could they help you sleep if they don't contain any alkaloids? If they do contain opiates, How much do they contain? I couldn't imagine very much otherwise they'd be a controlled substance like all the other opiates are. I'm also curious if you've ever had an experience with California Poppy products. How did they work? Did they actually help you sleep?

2013-10-19 09:26:49

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