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How to tell my mom i'm dating a white guy ?

im multiracial(African american/Caucasian/Creole/Indian/German/Dutch) with green eyes and tan skin but i live with my mom whos African/Indian/Creole and my dad is mixed but identify as black because he looks more black than white and i know alot of people say that white guys don't like black girls but i'm 15 and been dating a guy for 2 months now and hes white and i don't know how to tell my mom who knows how she'll react i have been around more white people my whole life like most people in my neighborhood and school theirs not that many black people and i don't like how SOME of them act with the gangstas like their all that i'm just not attracted to them whatever it is ( I'M GOING TO CUT THE STORY SHORT ) the guy in my neighborhood that i have a crush were like best friends he text me to come over so i lied to my mom and said i was going to hang out with his sister cause i can't be alone with a boy and his family was gone and we were watching movies and we ended up kissing and then 1 week later we ended up dating i don't know how my mom feels about white guys what if she goes crazy my mom is really mean and screams ALOT so i'm really scared to tell her HELP ME !!!

2013-10-19 09:25:54

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