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How much would I be taxed in this situation?

Hypothetically speaking... Dad tells me about how uncle sam (taxes) will "eat me alive" depending on my lets pretend. I'm very new to this tax staff Working 28 bucks an hour, 36 hours a week but i get a biweekly paycheck, so that'll be a bi-weekly income of 2016$ Buy a house, costs me 1250 a month (tax shelter?) Girlfriend, files as a dependent, she has no income, basically just single A car, paid off, but taking care of its maintenance and gas the usual costs of gas, electricity, water, cable, internet, telephone bills so basically a picture of a single man, going to and from work, with a small 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house with a paid off car and a gf. I know I may be missing some variables, but based on this information, how much of the 2016 bucks of my bi-weekly check will be taken away from me? even an estimate will be great I have no state income tax in Nevada, but does the federal gov't take from your bi-weekly paycheck? how does this work? i wanna know how much i'll be working with after 2 weeks of work lol

2013-10-19 09:30:52

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