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Please help me determine if by these signs I got the job?

I went to a job fair at a fancy restaurant. At least 100 people were there. I signed in and waited my turn. I was easily one of the best dressed there. I noticed over the hour I was waiting only 4 or 5 people had 2 interviews instead of 1. When it was my turn the interviewer pulled out the chair for me, and seemed genuinely happy to be interviewing someone who had a shot at the job. We definitely connected and enjoyed our conversation. He told me to wait in the waiting room. I was called back by the general manager. I noticed that my resume and application was stapled together. He was intimidating but I handled myself well and gave good answers even tho nervous. At the end he said if we call you that means we picked you, if you don't hear- we didn't. It is one day after the 2nd day of the Job fair, I went the first day. I was told it would be a few days to hear back. I'm so anxious, what are the chances I got the job?

2013-10-19 09:34:35

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