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Is there a Dell Desktop that Supports Dual Graphics Cards?

I am currently running an older Dell XPS 410 with a Core2Quad 6700 2.66ghz Processor and 8gb of DDR2 Ram. I am using 3 monitors by having two monitors plugged into my Nvidia PCI-E Graphics Card and a third monitor plugged into a Virtual USB 3.0 EVGA EV39+. Running Windows 7 and it had been a great setup for many many years. However, I would really like to upgrade to a Core i7 unit that can support more than one graphics card, eliminating the need for a virtual usb display adapter. I was wondering if there were any Dell Desktops that have more than one PCI-E port and can support two graphics cards. I really like the XPS 8500, but it doesn't look like it can support more than one graphics card. Any ideas?

2013-10-19 09:37:26

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