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I've had 1 relationship in my past...?

I'm 13 and in year 9...Everybody at school is getting into relationships...And have had quite a few in the past. Some have had first kiss some are getting it... But I've had one relationship in the past which was in year 6 it was nothing serious but we had really good trust and we told each other everything...When we moved to secondary school we broke up....And I haven't had a relationship since and I miss every thing we had. I don't like him anymore than a friend now and I didn't really then...But I feel like i'm never going to get into a relationship...I've never kissed a boy anf I've only ever hugged once... How can I get rid of this empty feeling? And anytips on getting a Boyfriend?... Thankyou.

2013-10-19 09:34:13

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