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do you feel the same ?

I wish i could go back to school ( well highscool and be the same as now ) it's been only a year since graduation but i've changed alot mentally and physically , i am tall tan and muscular with an athletic body , and tattoo ( wasn't like that in highscool , was chubby and shy ) now i simply don't give a dam about anyone i do whatever i want i am much more confident and stronger .... sometimes i wonder what would've happened if i were like that at school maybe i would've had many GFs ,many friends people would take me much more seriously ... etc don't get me wrong i am not like those guys who act like "I have muscles and can beat the world " no i am smart and know what to do and when to do it , i was actually very good at school but if i only had the determenation to lose weight and transform myself back then things would've been much different . so what about you do you ever feel like that ?

2013-10-19 09:48:13

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