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I'm a deep thinker but sometimes it gets me so confused and tired I have to nap, is that normal?

I'm a 24 yr old girl, have struggled with depression, anxiety and an eating disorder......going through recovery now, I think I'm getting better. I've always been a deep thinker though....but is it normal to think so deeply that you get so confused of what your thinking about that you end up feeling so tired you need to take a nap to literally give your mind a break to re-charge itself. I love thinking deeply, I like writing, but it's so tiring and confusing at times, but also such an interesting and amazing thing too at the same time. But yeah... So I was just wondering if it's normal to think so deeply you literally wear yourself out and need to nap to give your mind a break..?

2013-10-19 09:55:55

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