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Can somebody help me with my biology homework?

1. List two characteristics that might be put into a plant using genetic modification. 2a. Why would a farmer want to grow plants that could kill insects? b. Write down the steps that would be taken to create such a plant using genetic modification. 4. Write down one advantage and one disadvantage of using genetically modified organisms. 5a. Suggest two advantages of selective breeding over genetic modification. b. Suggest two advantages of genetic modification over selective breeding. 6. If a farmer wants to plant a GM crop, the law says that he or she needs permission from the government. Any food that contains GM ingredients must state that they are GM. a. Do you think this is a good law or not? Explain your reasoning. b. Why do you think its easier for someone to get permission to grow GM bacteria in large vats than to plant GM crops? c. Suggest two reasons why the most farmers are not interested in growing GM crops at the moment. Thank you so much in advance (:

2013-10-19 09:56:34

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