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Please I need good animes! NOT MANGA?

Im picky!!! I would like an anime that through out the anime the charater/charachters had to fight something. It doesn't really matter what. Vampires, deamons, angels, ghosts, anything along the line labled along the lines of supernatural. I would like the graphics to be good, not old please. It would be awsome if it was action, romance, fantasy, supernatural. I don't mind ecchi. The protaganist has to at least be atractive & I'd like them to be male. I've watched and liked: -highschool of the dead -inuyasha & final act -blood+ -d-grey man -Sailor moon -ghost hunt -black butler (not related really but liked) -dance in the vampire bund -bleach (didn't finish yet) -fullmetal alchemist & brotherhood -blue exrocist Thats all I can think of for now if I think of more I'll add them Please if you could list the name in english, (also I prefere dubbed anime) put a short discripiton of what its about and, a picture of the main people so I can see what it looks like. Thank you very much!

2013-10-19 09:56:53

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