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my gf hasnt contacted me in 7 weeks?

well its been 7 weeks since she contacted me. Last thing we said to each other was i love you then poof she dissappeared. I was her first bf in a long time since her last one tried to rape her and she has been going to therapy. She always thought she was damaged but i never thought she was and always told her that she is perfect i always told her. Unfortunatly i don't think shes coming back. it sucks because everything was going well. i didn't even get a goodbye. makes me think i was worse than the previous bf. Her bday is coming up and before she left i was working on a story of her a fairytale with her in it and i plan to put it up on a blog for her and others to read to show her how specail i think she is. I have also been carving into wood a front cover for her story and handwriting it on paper to give it to her. Is it stupid for me to do this even though i have not heard from her? Should i continue to finish it all or no? i just feel down right now cause idk idk....anything you guys can say to help would be great thanks.

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