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Question 2 Interstate 90 is the longest of the east-west U.S. interstate highways with its 3,112 miles stretching from Boston, MA at I-93 on the eastern end to Seattle WA at the Kingdome on the western end. It travels across 13 northern states; the number of miles and number of intersections in each of those states is listed below. StateNo. of InterMiles WA57298 ID1573 MT83558 WY23207 SD61412 MN52275 WI40188 IL19103 IN21157 OH40244 PA1447 NY48391 MA18159 a.Construct a scatter diagram of the data. b.Find the equation for the line of best fit using x= miles and y=intersections. c.Using the equation found in part (b), estimate the average number of intersections per mile along I-90. d.Find a 95% confidence interval for β1. e.Explain the meaning of the interval found in part d.

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