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Is coughing normal during strep throat?

I came down with strep throat the other day, and I havent gone to the doctor yet, but based off the sympoms I have looked up, I am pretty sure it is strep. That being said, I developed a cough shortly after strep, and at first, I thought it was part of it, but after I did my reaserch, I read specifically that coughing is not a symptom. I dont have any other cold-like symptoms, such as congestion or sneezing, and I just got over a cold no more than like 2 weeks ago, so it cant be that. Now im really starting to worry that it's something more serious, like influenza or pneumonia. I do not have a history of allergies, smoking, or anything like that. Im 18 years old and I weigh about 220 punds, if that makes a difference, and I have had strep before, but not recently, so I cant remember any previous symptoms I had. I'm seeing a doctor tomorrow, so I guess I can ask all my questions there, but I guess I just want to see what you guys think first. Thanks!

2013-10-19 10:05:45

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