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I'm too obsessed with my weight?!?

I'm 13 years old around 5ft 2-4 and weight 118 pounds..[ fat right] I've been trying to do a lot of exercise lately and I've been taking a few of my mums diet pills, I've only taken 2 so far, 1 today and 1 yesterday. They give me a sore head and stomach but I'm willing to go through that to lose weight. I've even been having thoughts about throwing up, but I know that's dangerous and to be honest I'm quite scared to make myself throw up. Should I go to a doctor? No way that I'm speaking to my parents about it. My friends ask me why I don't eat lunch at school anymore, which I don't really know the answer to myself. Help me please:)

2013-10-19 10:01:10

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