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Can I get my licence back after a 3 day suspension if I am a G2 driver?

Last night my boyfriend and I attended a event that we drank at, knowing we had to drive home that night we were going to drive 2 blocks from the event to our friends house to sober up more. When we left the event it had been one hour since he had his last drink. As we pulled out we were stopped by a cop and he blew an alert under 0.5. but got 2 tickets under section 44.1 (3) AND 44.1 (5) Of the Ontario Highway Traffic Act. As well as a 3 day licence suspension He is a G2 novice driver and is 21 years old. Our questions now are - How does he get his licence back after the 3 days is up? and where? - What is to come after this as of demerit points and further suspensions? - How and where does he pay his two tickets? - When he goes to get his licence will he have to start over from a G1 licence? - Is there any other fees charges or fines he could be looking at? If you have any 100% for sure real answers, please help. Or send me links to websites for help. Please no comments about drinking and driving we knew it was wrong and didn't think to walk to his friends house to sober up and then walk back to his car or just stay the night. We both feel very bad about it. And it was all in good intentions. Thank you for your help

2013-10-27 23:31:29

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