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what do i do with a loose filling?

i got a filling two weeks ago on the front of one of my teeth Today i was eating and i felt like the filling was comming loose like it was about to fall out. I'm not sure what my dentist did but she covered the whole front of my teeth with filling? i dont really know what its called....or how to explain it but when i bite something, i just feel it like moving..... and its one of my front teeths so its really annoying when i try to eat is it going to fall out soon? what should i do to avoid it? Im dorming so I wont be able to go back to my dentist until thanksgiving break, i know I probably have to get it replaced but what can i do to avoid it actually falling out...? dont want it to fall out and have a really noticeable hole in my teeth

2013-10-27 23:34:28

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